A Cleaner World... 

A Cleaner World... 

What if the everyday waste, trash, and garbage that we produce became an asset?


Nearly everything that goes into our landfills can become clean energy and valuable resources.


Made possible by patented breakthrough innovations, in pyrolysis reactor technology,

designed to improve on solutions in the Waste-To-Energy Market.


  • Tires

  • Plastics

  • Wood

  • Agricultural Waste

  • Municipal Waste

  • Industrial waste

  • Oil field sludge

  • Pesticides

  • PCB Materials


Wondering what energy innovation looks like?

Our UNI-Box technology is changing everything. Imagine a world with zero landfills and hundreds of millions of homes being powered by the waste that once littered our land and marine environments.


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Custom Waste-to-Energy Systems 

We proudly create the most efficient, affordable, and scalable waste-to-energy systems on the planet. Unlike other leaders in the market, we create mobile systems designed to move from site-to-site as required. These systems are modular to allow our clients to scale their waste transformation capabilities with ease.

Hurricane Damage
Remote Site & Disaster Relief Cleanup

We are committed to helping communities rapidly clean and restore their homelands after natural disasters, while also providing electricity, fuel, and clean water.  We also cater to organizations and clients tasked with crisis management of waste and environmental contamination with the ability to access and serve geographically challenged areas.

Compressor Maintenance
Maintenance Services, Training and Logistics

Our experienced team of engineers, technicians and customer service representatives  support clients, both regionally and internationally, in handling all logistics, onsite staff training, and maintenance repair needs with the industry's most comprehensive operational guarantee.

Our Mission:   

To develop affordable and effective solutions that guarantee

a cleaner, healthier planet. 

Our Vision:   

We produce and distribute market leading  technologies and integrated 

systems that eliminate waste by transforming it into VOC-free clean by-products, clean water and other renewable resources.



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