Our vision is to significantly alleviate the world's landfill and ocean waste issues. We achieve this vision through our "UNI-Box" Pyrolysis Reactor, the market leading solution in affordable, mobile and efficient waste-to-energy systems. 

Our vision is centered around maximizing social benefit in the communities we serve; whenever able, we will provide use of our mobile systems as a service for areas in distress.

This is the basis for our "sustainability as a business." We believe in this ethos so much, that beyond our own philanthropic projects, we commit a minimum of 5 of our net proceeds to foundational partners focused on wildlife preservation, ocean restoration and sustainability initiatives.


Year UEE
was Established


Partnered with Biodiverse Energies, LLC to design and develop create the UNI-BOX


Began construction of our first UNI-Box commercial system, and demo facility

As founders, we have long held a burning passion to see the energy industry transform into one which is truly clean and sustainable. Our vision began in the mountains of Colorado where we were inspired by many thought leaders and technologists in the renewable energy space.  United Earth Energy was formed in 2013  as we began to investigate and work with various clean energy technologies such as wind, solar and desalination combined with hydro power.


Our efforts led us into electrical generation and combustion markets, with a focus on alternative fuel sources, such as hydrogen-on-demand and vertical wind turbines, to offer significant fuel efficiency improvements with clean emissions. We met David Seidel, our Chief Technologist and lead engineer, who introduced us to biomass fuels and the real possibilities within the waste-to-energy market.


Our broad experiences in renewable energy markets have led us to assemble a diverse group of professionals with expertise in EPA Permitting, Compliance, and Rule-making, Chemical and Process Engineering and Control, Mechanical and Electrical Design, Engineering Management & Consulting Practice, Product Development, International Sales & Marketing, and Corporate Administration.  Our team is focused on leveraging known, demonstrable combustion technologies to provide economically and environmentally sustainable solutions for the world's growing waste management problem. 


Our process technology is patent protected, developed from our knowledge in charcoal production - which is a well-established, commercially successful, waste-to-energy market.  UEE doesn’t focus on forest/tree waste as the charcoal industry does, but we target the global commercial markets of scrap tires, MSW, plastics and centralized animal feedlots 


We transform everyday waste into revenue, producing commercially successful renewable by-products with no harmful emissions, or hazardous waste byproducts, and playing our part in creating a significant and lasting movement  focused on cleaning up  our planet. 


Thank you for your interest in United Earth Energy. We are excited to create the future of energy with you... today.


Randy & Cody Jacot