Our Foundational Partners

United Earth Energy partners with and supports organizations and foundations that are leading the movement toward a clean, healthy and regenerative planet and human culture. UEE will be distributing a minimum of 5%, of its net proceeds, to support these foundations. We are currently exploring synergy with leading ocean consverancy foundations and will begin adding new partners below over Summer 2019:


The mission of the FTPF is to plant, and help others plant, a collective total of 18 billion fruit trees across the world –– roughly 3 for every person alive–– and encourage their growth under organic standards. Major accomplishments include planting, on average, more than 60 orchards and distributing tens of thousands of fruit trees to communities around the world, every single year, along with training and education.

Community Leaders

The following are our launching community leaders and core impact partners. These human beings were of pivotal support in bringing the UEE solution to the world. We are eternally grateful for you: